Corruption in Tellaro

Gernada is the name of this hombrewed earth. Tellaro is the starting country, ruled by the oldest noble in each royal family. From four winds Hullien Greddy, who also is captain of the guard. From Turil is Lord Pollot Karenbark, the youngest elder in Tellaro (28 yrs old). His father died in a skirmish with ogres a few years ago. Pollot is the next in his blood line to represent the small town. The Kawa-Kawa mountains are represented by one of their own, a half-giant called Murgnok Risenvol. Murgnok was admitted to partake in civilized activities only a short while ago, after helping kill off a overwhelming goblinoid infestation. The last city within Tellaro boundaries is Zelarian. Zelarian is more a city-state though, with a civil Orc as its leader, Ikor Volk lead the goblinoid infestation a few years ago, after submitting to Murgnok himself, Zelarian was subject to become a lesser representitive, only for overall gain in Tellaro's diplomatic power against Kelpin, the country to the northwest.

Tellaro is now in a harsh depression, only five years after the goblin wars and two more cities added to the land, times are at their worst ever. Taxes are a full 20%, the army has been thinned and full of non-believers. Overall morale has never been worse ethier, but even though all this is going on time doesn't stand still, not even for the richest of people. A meeting was held today, in the Storm House, a huge catherdral in the center of the city. Four Winds has used this building for many things, currently its a Justice Center, holding trials, legal disagreements and executions. The meeting was kept hush hush for the most part, but as always thieves and scouts overheard certain details and were sure to tell their surperiors. Now, Miguel (a politicaly opinonated gnome, highly respected among merchants as well.) has made arrangements to bring a horrible rumour to light, and see if Four Winds is truly in trouble....